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Auction System

MyCharityToolsAuction System

MyCharityTools Auction System is a comprehensive, user-friendly fundraising tool that taps into the versatility of the web with a fun way to add to your year round fundraising activities and/or supplement your live event.

Designed specifically for nonprofits organizations, MyCharityTools Auction System is a cost-effective way to grow your donor base, further engage existing constituents, tap into new donor income sources, and improve your visibility with sponsors.

Hold an online auction before your live event to engage more participants. It’s been shown that holding an online auction leading up to a live event can create more excitement for attendees. As another benefit, it allows those who are unable to attend your event to still participate. If you’ve received a significant gift or a new sponsor in off-event timeframe, hold an auction to leverage that gift or promote your new sponsors.

MyCharityTools Auction System takes you step by step through the process from setting up your auction website and creating catalog pages, to tracking and reporting on your success. In a matter of minutes, you could be running fun and interactive auctions on the web allowing donors and constituents to bid on unique and exciting items and show their support for your cause.

 MyCharityTools Auction System (Main)

Use the versatility of the web to promote your cause and expand your donor community.

MyCharityTools Donation System was designed by expert fundraisers, like you, to deliver the necessary tools to help create and manage online campaigns with ease, improve communication with donors, and dramatically increase donation and membership revenue.

System Features

  • Setup and maintain single or multiple yearly auction events
  • Run Private Auction – choose to hide the ID of the bidders participating in an auction
  • Choose whether to manually approve all new users before they are able to use the site
  • Remove/suspend registered users
  • Manage opening and closing date and time of auctions
  • Easily update news items to be displayed on the home page
  • Customize item categories as needed
  • Easily post, edit and remove auction items, including image to be displayed next to listing
  • Add reserve bid pricing to items
  • Customized category listings guides users to item sets
  • Buy Now optional feature allows bidders to choose to purchase an item at a pre-set price
  • Proxy (auto) bidding system – Bidders can place a maximum bid on items, the software will then automatically re-bid for them should their bid be overtaken by a rival bidder.
  • Current highest bid is displayed prominently
  • Amount of time left to run on the auction is displayed
  • The item description is fully displayed along with any available pictures and media
  • Accepted payment methods are clearly displayed below the item description
  • Bidding box displayed prominently on each item details page allows buyers to place a bid quickly and easily
  • In-depth registration form captures all the vital information on your new user
  • The automatically and random pin number ensures the registration page is being filled in by a live person and not a third party script
  • Users must activate their account via email before bidding
  • The “My Account” section is the central base for users, from within this section users can:
  • Update their account details
  • Review account history and print invoices
  • The system can provide bidders with notification via email of a challenging bid and include a link to counter-bid on an item. This allows for bidding through the use of devices such as Blackberry PDAs or Windows Mobile when participants are away from a computer.