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Donation System

MyCharityToolsDonation System

The core of the MyCharityTools Donation System is built with incredible flexibility for visitors and charity administrators.

MyCharityTools Donation System allows for creative versatility to support the many ways you may inspire giving. Provide virtual products such as sponsorships or create compelling fundraising campaigns that give donors a strong sense of how their donations will be used. For specialized campaigns, choose one or all of the add-on modules available.

  • simply designed front end to streamline donor experience
  • option for additional design modifications to more closely match an existing brand or website
  • automatic tax receipting
  • comprehensive administration including real-time tracking and reporting
  • integration into the most common payment providers for immediate direct deposit of donations
  • single or multiple categories (funds) for directed donations
  • option to allow donations to be flagged as in memorium or honour of, with additional option for automatic or manual e-card acknowledgments
  • no percentage, commission, or per donation fees

MyCharityTools Donation System (Main Screen)

Accept more donations online, while reducing your workload.

MyCharityTools Donation System was designed by expert fundraisers, like you, to deliver the necessary tools to help create and manage online campaigns with ease, improve communication with donors, and dramatically increase donation and membership revenue.

A system with incredible flexibility

Non-profits of every size use MyCharityTools Donation System to reduce their workload, increase efficiency and productivity, and raise more funds. The system is easy to learn and easy to use. Small organizations appreciate how the system is designed to grow with their needs, while large organizations appreciate the advanced features that are easily accessible and scalable to their needs.

However, no matter the size of an organization, resources need to be maximized as effectively and efficiently as possible. MyCharityTools Donation System helps organizations to optimize their time by automating tasks, capturing and processing donor information and communications, and providing simple navigation from one central starting point.

More than a “donate now” button on your website

MyCharityTools Donation System keeps your supporters, donors, and volunteers active and involved with your organization. Through an easy to use, yet sophisticated system, you can effortlessly build and nurture relationships with donors and members.

  • Intuitive navigation makes moving throughout the system as simple as 1, 2, 3
  • Instant data capture ensures high productivity
  • Integrated and automated email allows for effortless mailings and automatic receipting
  • Custom report generation provides data that is relevant to you
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content management system makes for easy campaign creation and management

Simple, efficient, and affordable

  • Creative versatility to support the many ways you may inspire giving.
  • Organization-controlled email messaging for donor communications management and appeals
  • In-honour or In-memory donations
  • One-time or recurring giving
  • No per-donation usage fees.
  • Direct banking or manual processing
  • Secure, encrypted transactions processing
  • Ability to handle different currencies
  • E-Tax receipts issued automatically
  • Acknowledgement cards for immediate and personalized communications
  • Real-time tracking and reporting

Expand your capabilities from simple online donations to intensive marketing & management

System Features

  • An online donations area is accessible via website or email link which opens a new browser window showing the security lock indicating 128-bit security encryption for online transactions. 128-bit encryption is the same security measure used by banks and other financial institutions.
  • The user-friendly donations form displays information sections relevant to each particular donation being made. (i.e. only when an acknowledgment in memory of another individual is chosen will the system display fields requiring more information)
  • The donations form template is customizable to support the look of your brand and website.
  • A selection option is available for one-time or recurring donations.
  • Payment options listing is displayed based on the organization’s merchant services provider agreement.
  • Direct debit online transactions occur in “real-time.” Fund availability is immediately verified with each merchant account vendor.
  • Donations are logged within MyCharityTools Donation System as well as the organization’s online merchant account.
  • A secure, encrypted database stores donation information for later review or report generation.
  • A secure login area is provided to review information relating to online donations made.
  • The organization is given editing ability to customize email donation requests
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), flexible and user-friendly administrative system allows for easy ongoing maintenance of donation events/projects/individuals by the organization.
  • The system incorporates a self-maintained calendar feature for dated events, giving an organization the ability to setup donations acceptance for a particular event which can be limited to a specific time period.
  • Administrative report generation can be customized by the organization using various criteria for analysis of online donations.
  • Website integration for display of database information (i.e. amount raised to date)
  • A charitable tax receipt customized for the organization is automatically generated for each online donation as a printable pdf which is distributed to each donor via email.
  • In memory or In honour acknowledgement cards
  • Template editing ability for pledge request emails

MyCharityTools Donation System Core & Modules

Enhance your Fundraising Campaigns