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Pledging Module

MyCharityTools Pledging Module is a complete online solution for reaching new donors by mobilizing a wide-reaching support base of active fundraisers. Organized around a fundraising event, your passionate supporters can use MyCharityTools Pledging Module to create personal or team fundraising web pledge pages and send donation appeals via email to their networks of family and friends.

MyCharityTools Pledging Module is designed to improve participant recruiting success, maximize event revenue by increasing both the number of participants fundraising and their fundraising effectiveness, and by building participant loyalty to your specific events and organization.

By tapping into your organization’s existing supporters and their personal networks, your event administrators can empower participants to recruit new donors and perhaps further avid supporters who will also go on to fundraise in support of your organization.

  • Easy to set up and manage participant pledge pages
  • Organization-controlled email messaging for participant pledge requests
  • No per-donation usage fees
  • Direct banking or manual processing
  • Secure, encrypted transactions processing
  • Ability to handle different currencies
  • E-Tax receipts issued automatically
  • Real-time tracking and custom reporting

MyCharityTools Donation System + Pledging (Main)

Maximize the success of your fundraising events through the viral nature of social networks.

MyCharityTools Pledging Module – easy to use and affordable – keeps your passionate supporters engaged and gets them motivated to reach more donors for your organization.

Powerful peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

System Features

  • Participants register online using a sign up form (requiring general information and a photo if desired), as an individual or as a team. When signing up as a team, there can be one group administrator or several.
  • The system module automatically assigns a Registration Number and auto-emails a Username and Password for secure login by the participant to their profile
  • Registered participants have access to event information, pledge forms, etc. (pdf documents)
  • Participants can set their fundraising goal and a personal message which is visible on the publicly viewable section of their profile page
  • Using the pre-formatted system template, participants can create a personal email message explaining their participation and requesting pledges
  • Individual email addresses can be entered, or a larger list imported to send the pledge request from the system to the participant’s contacts
  • The email sent will contain a direct link to the online donations system with the participant’s Registration Number encoded to ensure that when the email link is activated, the sponsor’s pledge is automatically designated to the correct participant
  • When logged in, participants can:
    • see a summary of their fundraising activities, their total funds raised and their total number of sponsors
    • edit their profile and fundraising goal
    • see online pledges to their profile (name, date and amount donated by the sponsor)
  • Lead sponsors to participant’s pledge page through a direct link from the participant’s email pledge request
  • Through the organization’s Gift.tng Online Donation System, sponsors can search for participants by first, last, or group name
  • Sponsors easily donate to their chosen participant through a simple step-by-step process using Gift.tng Online Donation System and features, such as e-tax receipting.
  • Sponsors name and donation can be featured on the participant’s profile page or can remain anonymous from any published lists
  • The organization’s system administrator has the ability to set a fundraising event as a Managed Participant event
  • Administration can set a fundraising event to be active or closed to determine the date range for accepting pledges for the event
  • Funds collected online are processed in the same manner (manual or direct transaction) as the main donations system
  • Administration can view, edit, suspend/activate participants
  • Basic reporting includes:
    • Fundraiser participant reports (names, totals raised by each, etc)
    • Funds raised reports (by participant, offline, online, totals)
  • Securely process registration payments online
  • Accept donations online with no transactions fees and no commissions
  • Use your own merchant account
  • Process automatic payments or manual payments
  • Real-time credit card authorization and processing
  • Automated e-tax receipts
  • Track payments
  • Robust financial reporting with up-to-the-minute transaction information

MyCharityTools Donation System Core & Modules

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