North Point Douglas Women's Centre Inc. Fund

North Point Douglas Women’s Centre (NPDWC) began in 2000 as the North Point Douglas Project for Women and ran out of a room in Norquay School. In 2002, NPDWC moved into its current building at 221 Austin St. N where it has served the community since. With a focus on connection, healing, and care the Women’s Centre has provided basic needs services, access to traditional Indigenous ceremonies and teachings, supports for families and individuals, and a safe place for community to gather. With the establishment of the Mama Bear Clan community patrol group in 2016, NPDWC and its role in community safety grew. As the community evolves, so does its needs, and the Women’s Centre is committed to continuing to grow and serve the people of North Point Douglas in bigger and better ways.

Gifts to this fund are pooled and invested to benefit them in perpetuity. The income generated by this fund is distributed to North Point Douglas Women's Centre Inc. to be used at its discretion.


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