Howie and Hazel Swan Music Fund - in Memory of Howie Swan


The Howie and Hazel Swan Music Fund was established in celebration of Howie’s 100th birthday in 2021. In Howie’s words, “Music has kept me young.”

Howie and Hazel Swan met in Winnipeg’s thriving vaudeville scene in 1939. Howie and his band “The Haymakers”, and Hazel and her dance team “The Dale Sisters” performed in theatres such as the Playhouse, Beacon and Bijoux until Howie enlisted in the RCAF at the start of World War II. They were married in 1944. While raising their family and working at Deer Lodge Hospital during the day, Howard continued to perform with many groups and on CBC Radio throughout his life. At the age of 93, Howie recorded his debut album, “Now and Then”, a compilation of many of Hazel’s favourite songs.

Hazel passed away in 2009, just shy of their 65th anniversary. At 101, Howie passed away peacefully after a lifetime of sound and performance. The Howie and Hazel Swan Music Fund will continue to support young musicians in Winnipeg.

Your gift will be pooled and invested with the generated income distributed as grants to local registered charities. As the original gift remains invested, your contribution will continue to benefit the people of Winnipeg in perpetuity.


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