Sick + Twisted Theatre Inc. Fund

The Dan Augusta Promise Prize will recognize an artist with a disability who shows exceptional promise or potential. These funds would support the artist to cultivate the seed of a brilliant new idea or to take advantage of a timely opportunity in education, training, or mentorship.

This is a permanent endowment fund established by Sick + Twisted Theatre Inc. Gifts to this fund are pooled and invested to benefit them in perpetuity. The income generated by this fund is distributed to Sick + Twisted Theatre Inc. to be used at its discretion. 

About Dan Augusta 

Dan Augusta was memorable – you couldn’t meet him and not remember him. 

Dan had a great sense of humour. He saw the world through glasses just slightly askew and all who knew him experienced his comedic timing, storytelling skill, and love of the pun. These natural talents lead him to pursue a theatre degree at the University of Winnipeg and to be a familiar presence within the local theatre scene. 

In 2017, Dan joined Sick + Twisted Theatre. His one-man show in their first disability cabaret, Lame Is, was a personal and courageous exploration of the company’s belief that “truth in performance is not dependent on bodily perfection.” The power of art to change and broaden perspectives was important to Dan and after performing in two disability cabarets, he joined the board of the company. Watch Full Disclosure by Dan Augusta


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