Heritage - Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library Inc. Fund

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library Inc. has partnered with The Winnipeg Foundation to establish this permanently endowed Manitoba Heritage Trust Fund to support their work.

The Manitoba government established the Manitoba Heritage Trust Endowment Fund to stretch gifts to these funds. Every $2 given has the potential to be stretched by additional $1, that means a gift of $2 becomes $3.

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML) is a thriving heritage organization preserving Manitoba’s rich craft history with a collection of more than 10,000 artifacts. MCML curates regular exhibits at the C2 Centre for Craft in the Shirley Richardson Craft Gallery and the Heritage Gallery.  MCML also hosts a diverse range of public programming, and manages the Gladys Chown Memorial Library’s more than 4,000 resources.

The Winnipeg Foundation will generate the tax receipts for all gifts directed to this fund under the Manitoba Heritage Trust Program. Gifts to this fund are invested in perpetuity and the annual income generated for grantmaking is distributed to the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library Inc. to be used at their discretion.


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