Cathy Leahy “Never Give Up” Fund

Cathy was a caring and intelligent person whose life was cut short by an illness that was the result of life circumstance, pharmaceutical side-effects of medication she was prescribed for years, and the shortcomings of our society to support people struggling with coping in this complex world.

She had a keen interest in various cultural organizations related to music and theatre, as well as supporting those in need. She benefited along the way from the services offered by organizations that support those dealing with the challenges of living. 

Cathy’s family is planning to endow gifts to the Cathy Leahy “Never Give Up” Fund held by The Winnipeg Foundation. The fund will support organizations that Cathy was the beneficiary of and those which she supported. As the original gift remains invested, your contribution will continue to benefit the people of Winnipeg in perpetuity.


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