Wilma A Sotas December 6 Fund: To Remember and Act on Violence Against Women and Girls

Wilma Sotas’ fund supports events and initiatives to prevent violence against women and girls through awareness, education, remembrance and other actions. Wilma named this fund to commemorate the December 6, 1989 massacre at Ecolé Polytechnique in Montreal, Québec, in which 28 students were wounded, including 14 young women killed, in an act of gender-based violence.

Wilma hopes citizens will be inspired and become involved, as December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action to end all violence against women and girls. Ultimately, the contributions will grant funds to organizations throughout Manitoba which continuously work on this very important initiative.

All gifts to this fund will be pooled and invested with the generated income distributed as grants to local registered charities. As the original gift remains invested, your contribution will continue to benefit our community in perpetuity.


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