Folklorama - Cultural Preservation Fund


Launched on August 4, 2020, the Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund was established to align with Folklorama's mandate of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. This Fund will provide Folklorama members access to funds to support their ongoing or new projects that celebrate, educate, promote, and preserve culture.

Supporting cost of participating in ethno-cultural dance instruction 

Supporting cost of participating in established programs for learning a language of their heritage

Supporting the cost of participating in, or establishing a program where traditional foods and recipes are prepared

Supporting the cost of training for succession planning in community organizations (i.e. governance, logistical planning, volunteer management)

Supporting costs associated with participation in educational programs that focus on learned experiences of ethno-cultural diversity (summer camp, workshops, information sessions)

Supporting cost of travelling to national and international festivals and competitions directly related to preservation of culture (ethnic dance, music, etc)

This is a permanent endowment fund established by Folk Arts Council of Winnipeg, Inc. Gifts to this fund are pooled and invested to benefit them in perpetuity. The income generated by this fund is distributed to Folk Arts Council of Winnipeg, Inc. to be used at its discretion.


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